Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Old pictures

This is my new blog for paintings I have done, and I thought I would start with some old paintings....

This is my lovely hometown, Carmel Valley.

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marla anderson said...

Hi Crystal. It's a voice from the past. Valerie and Matt's mom, and your mom's buddy, Marla. I'm so happy for you that your goal so to pursue art is working out. It takes a certain amount of courage and conviction to pursue an area that is not an easy way to go. Your pictures are really beautiful and I'm glad to see you are using your talents. I'm sure your mom and dad are proud too. It's interesting to see you and Jeremy growing as adults. Both Valerie and Matt are working in areas that fit in with interests that were displayed at early ages. Matt is working at Hollister Hills Motorcycle Park in maintenance. There is actually quite a bit to it because there are hundreds of miles of trail to deal with. Valerie is a nurse and will be starting an administrative position tomorrow. She likes her Mormon religion that she got into through her husband. It provides alot of structure that fits her personality. Anyways, keep up the good work and enjoy your gift. Sincerely, Marla Anderson ( courtney)